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Want to learn how to master coloured pencils?


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Learn How To Master Coloured Pencils


I am a professional artist and I want to help teach you how to master coloured pencils, and create beautiful realistic coloured pencil artwork.

I studied art and design at GCSE and A-Level but never took my studies any further, even though that fire was still there. In 2012 I picked up my love of art again and started to create the realistic coloured pencil portraits you see today.

I’m entirely self taught with coloured pencils and upon starting my journey, I found it so incredibly difficult to find any resources that could guide me and my techniques. So I developed my own techniques which I now teach to others, and this is what I am completely passionate about.

I’ve since gone on to have tutorials and work featured in 2 main Coloured Pencil magazines and believe that I have found my life calling – teaching others, like you, to draw realistic wildlife & pet portraits, just like me.

Real Time Instruction

Watch every technique and colour in real time. No guesswork. No frustration. Just pure instruction.

Structured Tutorials

Tutorials designed to challenge and grow your abilities. Expanding your arsenal and improving your weak spots.

Complete Guidance

Each tutorial will guide you from start to finish. I will tell you what colours and equipment you need before you start and every step along the way.

Live Draw Along*

Each month take part in our live draw along sessions. Where we tackle a tutorial together in real time where you can also ask for tips and advice as we go.

Personal Guidance*

Need further guidance? Send me your current piece once a month and I will personally critique your work and give guidance on areas to improve on and how well you are progressing.

Monthly Challenge*

Each month I create a challenge to target areas for improvement. These challenges are aimed at testing your knowledge of techniques and build confidence to draw without complete guidance.

Student Group*

Join a community of like minded students just like you in our exclusive Facebook group. Post your completed or current projects to the group and get peer support from our friendly community.

*Available ONLY through In-Depth Patreon Tier

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