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Important Information Regarding PayPal Subscriptions

If you signed up before 1st November 2020, then your account would have been carried over from the old website. If so and you payed by PayPal your account will no longer be linked. So if you decide to cancel or pause your subscription you will need to do this directly via your PayPal account otherwise payments will continue to be taken. If you need assistance please contact

Patreon Accounts

If you have signed up via Patreon, in order to cancel your account, you will need to do so via Patreon itself. The website does not handle Patreon subscriptions.


Here are some frequently asked questions.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time using the “subscriptions” tab in the menu above. From there you’ll have options to cancel, pause and resume your subscription. Patreon Sign Ups will need to be cancelled via Patreon. the website does NOT handle this.

My password does not work?

The main issue here is incorrect typing. Passwords are case sensitive and often require upper and lowercase, numbers, symbols and special characters so make sure you’re typing your password in exactly. If you’re still hvaing trouble, hit the “lost your password?” button to reset.

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