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Leopard Eye Tutorial


This is one of the most basic tutorials I offer and will walk you through pencil pressures, Fur techniques, blending with white pencil and a lot of other fundamental coloured pencil skills.

This is a great place to start if you are a beginner or a seasoned coloured pencil artist.

Dry Blending
Wet Blending


Tutorial by Amie Howard, 30 December, 2017. Usage rights: Please credit when posting to Social Media, strictly no sharing and no reproducing. Our Usage Terms.

Photo Reference by IrmaB, Pixabay. Usage rights: Free for commercial use, Pixabay License Terms.

Techniques you will need...

(If you get stuck check out the full technique and fur libraries!)

Pencil Pressures

Fur Technique

Let's Get Started...

Part One

Part Two