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Here are some frequently asked questions.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time using the “subscriptions” tab in the menu above. From there you’ll have options to cancel, pause and resume your subscription. You can also update payment methods using the tabs above.

My password does not work?

The main issue here is incorrect typing. Passwords are case sensitive and often require upper and lowercase, numbers, symbols and special characters so make sure you’re typing your password in exactly. If you’re still hvaing trouble, hit the “lost your password?” button to reset.

What’s the difference between the website and patreon?

The main difference is that the Amie Howard Art website is owned and run by Amie herself, whereas Patreon is a seperate entity. The content on the website and the $14 tier on Patreon hold exactly the same tutorial content and perks. If you sign up via Patreon and select the $14 tier, you will be granted access to the Amie Howard Art website to view all $14 tier content, instead of viewing on Patreon (Amie’s website is a lot more user friendly in terms of finding tutorials and accessing quickly). The $5 & $10 tiers hold less content. The $20 tier has the same tutorial content as the website.

I’ve noticed an error on the website, who do i contact?

You can submit errors and anything that may be amiss to the support team! Use the button below to send an email and we’ll work to sort out the issue ASAP.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription?

Absolutely! You can upgrade to a bi-annual or annual subscription at any point and you can also downgrade from an annual to a monthly at any point. Once you do, your new subscription will take effect as soon as the time on the previous subscription has lapsed.

I signed up through patreon, how do i cancel?

If you’re signed up through Patreon, the only way to cancel your account is through Patreon themselves. Patreon operates as a different business to Amie Howard Art. If you wish to, you can cancel your pledge at any time through your Patreon account. Go to ‘my memberships’, click the edit button next to your Amie Howard Art pledge which will then give you the option to cancel your membership.

I haven’t seen my username and password?

When creating an account and signing up to access tutorials, you will have been emailed confirmation of your username (usually the email you signed up with) and your password. Make sure you check your spam/junk folder as they have a a habit of ending up in there. If you haven’t received your password in there, you can reset using the “lost your password?” link at login and request a reset link. If you can’t access after using the link and resetting, contact support and we’ll get you going.

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