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Not quite getting the realistic look you’re after and want to learn how?

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Hi, I’m Amie!

I am a professional artist and I love to create hand drawn, realistic wildlife portraits using coloured pencil.

I studied art and design at GCSE and A-Level but never took my studies any further, even though that fire was still there. In 2012 I picked up my love of art again and started to create the realistic coloured pencil portraits you see today.

I’m entirely self taught with coloured pencils and upon starting my journey, I found it so incredibly difficult to find any resources that could guide me and my techniques. So I developed my own techniques which I now teach to others, and this is what I am completely passionate about.

I’ve since gone on to have tutorials and work featured in 2 main Coloured Pencil magazines and believe that I have found my life calling – teaching others, like you, to draw realistic wildlife & pet portraits, just like me.


Before starting any of the practical work, I walk you through exactly what you’ll need to complete your chosen tutorial. I even provide a PDF, full of pencil colours and the whole list of tools so you’re never stuck as to what you need.

Line Art

I provide an easy to use line art which is ready for download so you can trace your subject for an accurate, easy starting point.

Real Time Instruction

Each tutorial is real time and full length, meaning that you draw with me every single step along the way. I describe each step, every technique and colour exactly as I’m doing it, which takes out all the guesswork and frustration of what to do or use.

Technique Deconstuction

I deconstruct each technique used which gives you a clear understanding of how to apply and use your pencils, from shading, blending, glazing and more! These are essential foundations to coloured pencil work and I give you my EXACT methods.

What tutorials are available?

what do i get?

Real Time Video Tutorials

60+ real time, high definition video tutorials covering full subjects, detailed studies and focused techniques. Each tutorial comes with full colour reference, line art and a downloadable PDF of all materials needed.

Technique tutorials

A dedicated library aimed to hone specific techniques to apply to your coloured pencil work – perfect if you want to apply to a different subject. Work on colour picking skills, layering, creating highlights or work on a fur techniques.

Fur Library

20+ Fur tutorials honing your skills on individual fur types and colours. Each of these focussed tutorials were created to help you improve your fur technique from the very beginning. From fur strokes that convey fur length and texture, to individual fur colours that create realistic fur everytime.

Student Group 

A growing, online community of like minded, creative individuals. Join the Student Group on Facebook (which is exclusive to subscribers) and interact with your fellow artists! You can use this as a place to gain feedback, discuss techniques and share your works in progress and completed tutorials.

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